Papercurve at the Collision Conference 2023

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We are excited to announce that we’ll be attending the Collision Conference for the third time this year! We always have a great time, make valuable connections and enjoy the engaging events happening all around the conference.

Collision, one of the world's largest technology conferences, brings together many of the world's leading tech companies and speakers.

Papercurve team at Collision in 2022 and 2019 

Since our last appearances at Collision, we have made significant enhancements to our platform by introducing new, robust features to our product suite. 

These additions are specifically designed to optimize the workflow of our users, reduce manual tasks through our AI program, and increase overall team productivity. 

Our mission is to demonstrate that Papercurve is the leading solution for life science companies when it comes to their content creation, review, and sharing processes.

Not only are we competitive in pricing and reliability, we also significantly reduce training periods and eliminate the need for a third-party IT firm during setup.

We use Artificial Intelligence in unique ways that set us apart from other vendors serving the life science industry. 

From MLR Reviews and Contract Lifecycle Management to Sales Enablement - we provide end-to-end support with our full suite of products. 

Our team is working diligently to develop and showcase our latest solutions at this year's Collision conference. 

  1. Papercurve for Commercial Operations (Structured Content Properties, Papercurve CRM)
  2. Papercurve Office (Papercurve Office Powered by Paige AI)

Papercurve for Commercial Operations:
Automate Product Information in Structured Documents 

Commercial teams are constantly in communication with vendors, health care professionals (HCP's) and other end users that have an interest in their products. 

However, the standard content creation and labeling process in most softwares often result in errors and delays due to compliance. 

With Papercurve's Structured Content Properties feature, we offer a solution for teams to create and manage new materials by automating the use of pre-approved data. 

Users will be able to define specific category fields in their documents that require customization, and automatically input corresponding information such as product codes, labels, product claims. 

Structured Content Properties

On top of eliminating the risk of any errors and saving time, Papercurve will be where all your information can be hosted confidentially - with the ability to maintain information for audit purposes, and generate future content at a click of a button.

Effortlessly share your content with Papercurve CRM

Once finalized, these communications need to be sent out to various stakeholders. 

Teams without an efficient process typically share information via email, which can be difficult to audit, time-consuming, and doesn't provide any performance analytics. 

In our continuous effort to improve Papercurve's user experience, we are thrilled to announce an expansion of our sharing capabilities. 

In addition to share links, our platform will enable you to send finalized content as campaigns to segmented groups of people and track their engagement using Papercurve CRM.

Our advanced analytics will provide valuable insight into who has opened or clicked on campaigns, allowing you to measure the success of your communication efforts.

Papercurve CRM

It also provides audit trails for potential regulatory needs such as recalls. 

We differentiate ourselves from other CRM products, including our biggest competitor, Veeva CRM. 

Unlike Veeva, which often takes months to configure and set up, Papercurve CRM plans to have fully customizable contacts, messaging, and allows instant client setup, empowering you to start managing your communications without delay. 

Edit Content directly on your platform with Papercurve Office

Our goal is to provide a flexible and all-inclusive platform for all of users’ content needs. 

Currently, changes need to be consolidated, users have to edit documents externally and re-upload a new version for review. 

With Papercurve Office, you will have the ability to directly edit content on the platform, making the process 7x faster. 

This feature will be advantageous for quick, minor changes that need to be made on any document or contract under review. 

Papercurve tracks all modifications and versions in real-time, ensuring a seamless, error-free workflow.

Papercurve Office Powered by Paige AI

With the growing buzz around generative AI, there are so many different ways of applying it within your workflow.

At Papercurve, we leverage the capabilities of generative AI by utilizing your own data to reduce manual tasks and mitigate compliance risks.

With Papercurve Office powered by Paige AI, our platform assists in document creation and collaboration, in real-time.

It detects what you are writing, whether it's a product claim or reference, and provides autocomplete suggestions for achieving accurate and error-free content. 

Papercurve Office powered by Paige AI

We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your data remains within the walls of your dedicated papercurve workspace, never being shared anywhere else.

In light of these major upcoming releases, we're excited to share that our CTO, Antonio, will be presenting at the DMZ booth at Collision on June 28th at 3:30 - where he’ll give more insights about our human-centered approach to AI.

Come see the Papercurve team at booth B504 at Collision on June 29th and experience firsthand how our upcoming features can elevate your existing workflow and mitigate compliance risks.

Schedule a time to meet with one of our team members throughout the three-day event!

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