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Key Benefits

Link references 10x faster than the manual process
Onboard new employees faster
Recommendations are  confirmed by a human

Link References

Paige AI facilitates the creation of references and the linking of medical claims. When creating a reference, the reviewer is not required to reread the document, locate the claim, and complete work that has already been completed. Paige AI recommends references that have been previously created.

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Recommend references

Paige AI recognizes substantiated claims, understands the intent of a claim, and suggests potentially relevant references based on previous usage. The results are listed by relevance, with the highest score ranking first.

Segment results

Separate results by product, disease state, country or any other property. Every reference has a unique and configurable label that makes it easy to locate and differentiate.

An animation illustrating how versions of cannabis product labels must be retained.
An animation of a cannabis cultivation facility.

Data privacy

Machine Learning data does not leave your papercurve workspace and cannot be accessed without authorization. The data is kept secure in a central repository with restricted access.

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