Papercurve for Contract Lifecycle

Papercurve helps companies manage contracts from creation through obligation management to renewal or expiry.

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Contract Lifecycle Management on

Managing your contractual obligations has long been a painstakingly manual process where errors can result in significant risk or financial loss. Papercurve makes your Contract Lifecycle Management process more efficient and precise by automating repetitive tasks and reducing common errors.  Your dedicated customer success manager will ensure that your data is migrated securely to Papercurve and that you are set up for success from the start.

Contract Template Libraries

Consolidating and simplifying an organization’s contract template library can greatly improve contract risk management and accelerate contract turnaround. Robust version control ensures everyone is looking at a single source of the truth.

Contract Review

Flexible review workflows enable your team to assess content and make comments before submitting it to financial systems for settlement.

Contract Approval

Effective contract approval begins with providing the necessary context with version history and having a consolidated repository of related files. Users can easily manage the intuitive rules, definitions, and updates, and have transparency into whose approval is needed and when.

Contract Execution

Papercurve supports digital and manual signature workflows and provides certificates of approval that can be printed or shared outside of the Papercurve workspace.

Contract Obligation Management

Papercurve has analytics tools that enable insights on key items like warranties, renewals, returns, and discounts. Automated notifications before key events like a contract or warranty expiry/renewal dates are easy to set up and customize.

Contract Expiry and Renewal

For expiring contracts, your files are archived in case they are needed for an audit. Contracts that are renewing kick off a workflow to make edits and manage approvals for the new contract.


Learn how Papercurve can streamline your compliance approval process and maintain compliant records.