Key Benefits

Increase revenue by monitoring contract expiry, warranties, and other key events
A single source of the truth with controlled access to the contract repository
Prevent errors and oversights in the contract authoring and review process

Managing your contracts

Make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and analyse easily.

Contract Repository

Organize all contracts in a secure and easily accessible location. Search the repository to quickly locate contracts by unique content properties.

An animation illustrating how versions of cannabis product labels must be retained.

Date Reminders

Set up date reminders to assure to never miss a contract deadline. Notifications can be customized based on the content.

Electronic Signature

Leave an electronic signature on a contract. Handwrite, type or enter your signature where needed. Signatures are secure and you are provided confirmation the document was signed by the intended recipient.

Contract Generation

Create contract templates with editable fields. Upload a document and Papercurve will detect the fields that can be filled in. Fields are modifiable, which accelerates the contract editing process.

A section of text highlighted so that a related comment or reference annotation may be made.

Internal review and approval

Review and provide feedback on contracts before release. Ensure all contracts have been finalized and approved by the review team.

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