Promotional Product Claim Management

Communicate how your product is unique from the competition. The exact wording used to highlight the benefits of your product require significant checks and balances. A product claim is a phrase, sentence or paragraph that describes your product. These statements may be promotional, relate to safety or fair balance. Product claims are reused across many pieces of content and managed centrally.


Create quality content efficiently by leveraging approved promotional claims

Global claim traceability for more efficient updates

Onboard new employees quickly by storing institutional knowledge

Use Cases

It is time-consuming to locate all places a phrase appears when content needs to be updated. Product claims powered by Paige AI discovers the documents in which a phrase appears, so it can be updated easily.
Promote content reuse and maintain consistent wording across content. Identify when text is similar to an approved claim to keep everyone on the same page.
New Hires
Ramp up new employees quickly by giving visibility into previously approved content. Keep writers and reviewers on track with recommendations to previously approved content.


Rapid Product
Claims Creation

Quickly add approved text to your claims database by highlighting text in a document.

See Product Claims
in Comments

Claims appear in comments when there is a close match to the highlighted text using Natural Language Processing. This keeps reviewers from commenting on previously approved claims or points them in the right direction when copy must be edited to approved text.

Search Product Claims

Highlight text in a document and search the claims database. Results are powered by Paige AI to deliver superior results when compared to simple text match.

Find all documents
with a Product Claim

If a product claim has to be updated or removed from all materials, quickly see all the documents using a specific claim.

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