Key Benefits

Prove marketing ROI by measuring content engagement like clicks and downloads

Get actionable insights about who is viewing and downloading your content to improve follow-ups
Reduce risk by ensuring sales and MSL teams only access the latest versions of approved content
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Share Link

Connect with prospects and develop lasting buyer relationships with Share Link. Sales and MSL teams can distribute tailored sales materials from Papercurve via a share link. The recipients can view and download content without a login. Documents can be remotely updated or deactivated after being sent.


Track audience engagement with analytics. A detailed dashboard displays who is accessing and downloading content, and how long each document was viewed. Devise a strategy for moving forward by determining who is interested in particular content.

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Approved content library

Organize approved content in a central, easily accessible location. It ensures content is up to date with the latest version and approved by the team. Use search and filters to find materials quickly.

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