Compare Papercurve to Veeva Vault

Thinking about buying Veeva?
Think again.

At Papercurve, we offer:

  • Best in-class user adoption
  • Dedicated customer success representative
  • Setup in less than one week without a third-party IT firm
Modern platform with intuitive productivity tools
Complex platform with poor usability
Dedicated customer success representative
Hard to reach support team, which delays approvals
Easy setup in one week,
no third-party IT required
Months long implementation with third-party IT consultants
Unlimited training and onboarding
Certification at an extra fee
Suggest previously created references using machine learning and AI
Manual linking of references
Tiered pricing suitable for all business sizes
Extremely high total cost of ownership
Product Claims
Recognizes similar phrases using Natural Language Processing
Recognizes only exact text match
External Collaboration
Collaborate on content with anyone outside of your workspace by sending a Review Link
Access is strictly limited to users who have licenses within your organization; even if they use Veeva

“After working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years with cumbersome marketing content approval systems, I was amazed at how easy and intuitive Papercurve was to use. In addition, we received great training, and ongoing live support from a knowledgeable and highly accessible team."

Jerome Sneiderman
Director of Marketing @ Cardiol Therapeutics