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Key Benefits

Reduce risk and oversights by ensuring sales and MSLs only have access to up-to-date and approved content
Improve follow-up response by viewing detailed analytics of who opened and downloaded content
For increased visibility, all distributed material is labeled and kept in one central location
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Drive sales ROI with share link. Sales and MSL teams can use share links to distribute content to prospects and collect detailed feedback like who opened and downloaded content. Based on the data gathered, sales teams can determine next steps.

Contract Signature

Send contracts for signature with a unique share link. Recipients are not required to create a login to sign the contract. Papercurve's built-in electronic signature tool eliminates the hassle of handwritten contracts.

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Unique, labeled links

Every link is created with a customizable label that corresponds to the content. It allows teams to keep track of their share links and easily locate them.

Expiry and deactivation

All links have a configurable expiry date. They will expire and can no longer be viewed after a certain period of time. The date is set by default but can be modified.

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An animation  depicting a thread of comments.

Latest versions

The content of a share link will always be the most recent version. It ensures that only the latest approved version of content is viewed by the recipients.

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