About Us

We believe software should be powerful, intuitive, and not get in the way.
In fact, software should disappear.

We started Papercurve because we believe that life sciences professionals deserve better.

Enterprise software often doesn’t deliver. Teams struggle with expensive solutions that are slow and difficult to implement and fail to solve problems. When they need help, they are directed to expensive consultants.

Papercurve brings a fresh perspective to enterprise software for life sciences.

We’re making it faster and easier to create, review, and distribute content.

We’re changing the life sciences industry by making software intuitive, collaborative and easy to use by embracing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart design.

We talk to our customers, understand their needs and help them reach their goals.

We are proudly self-funded. We answer to our customers instead of chasing the next round of funding.

We are Papercurve.

Our Leadership Team

Papercurve was founded by Antonio Salumbides and Jeff Kent. Combined, we share an entrepreneurial spirit and have extensive expertise in life sciences, engineering, product management and user experience design.

"Enterprise software companies for life sciences have become so large and comfortable that they can no longer progress. Their software is trapped in time, it stagnates, and it can't solve modern problems. Papercurve is here and it's time to innovate again."

Antonio Salumbides

“At my previous biotech company, I set up Veeva. After dealing with IT consultants over a six-month implementation, we had terrible user adoption because the system wasn’t user friendly. The experience was so painful it inspired me to start Papercurve.”

Jeff Kent

Some of our customers

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