Papercurve for Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) Review

Enhance the efficiency and compliance of your MLR reviews by 60%

See how this works
See how this works
A screen shot of a user adding a reviewer for a given document.

Key Benefits

Reduce content review and approval times by 60%
Keep everyone on the same page with consolidated comments
Easily link references, claims and translations with Paige AI
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Collaborate in real time

Provide feedback on content by making comments in an easy to find location. Mention a team member to receive a quicker response. Using search, sort and filter options, comments can be quickly found and never overlooked.

Easy, auditable approvals

In real-time, see who has approved and who is reviewing content. Reviewers can approve, approve with comments, or request a new version if a team member wants to see modifications. Store approvals with an FDA-compliant electronic signature for audit.

A screen shot of a user adding a reviewer for a given document.
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Reference evidence from other documents

Link to external documents to support medical claims. Give reviewers the context to streamline approvals. AI-assisted references improve the speed and accuracy of references by recommending relevant sources based on previous usage.

Promotional Product Claim management

Maintain content consistency by storing approved phrases in a central location where they can be easily traced and reused across the platform. Allowing access to approved claims will help with onboarding new members and ensuring only the correct claims are being used.

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An animation  depicting a thread of comments.

Share content without a login

Send content for review to someone who is not in your workspace such as regulators or key opinion leaders. Without needing a login, they can leave comments, approvals, and signatures.

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