Streamline and accelerate MLR reviews

Creating a better way for commercial teams to work and manage the MLR process.
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Upload documents and tag associated references

Annotate your content to show the source of your claims by uploading and linking back to references in one spot. AI-Assisted references speeds up the process by suggesting previously used claims.

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Add reviewers and send content out for review

Send to reviewers and observers at once or in stages. Set deadlines – all without the need to send an email or follow up on an approval.

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Collaborate and consolidate feedback, easily

Have one place to check on statuses and refer back to stakeholder feedback. Comments are easily found and never overlooked using search, sort & filter options.

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A single source of the truth

Automatically see past versions of your content and make sure you're always working off the latest. When you're audited, easily produce an activity log of every action performed by your team.

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