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Finalize approvals 7x faster by implementing changes in real time

Take content collaboration to the next level. Content creators can efficiently make real-time changes to their documents without the hassle of downloading and re-uploading files. Compatible with all Microsoft Office formats.

Key Benefits

No external tools
Consolidate feedback within the platform and eliminate the need for any external tools or softwares
Strict version control
Always have access to the most up-to-date version of content, and track all changes that are made
Custom workflows
Customize workflows and maintain control over content by restricting editing access on finalized documents
Document comparison

Papercurve Products

Medical Legal Regulatory Review
Reduce content review and approval times by 60% by keeping everyone on the same page with consolidated comments and easily linking references, claims, and translations with Paige AI
Sales Enablement
Measure content usage and engagement to quantify marketing ROI. Improve follow-up responses with actionable data about who is viewing and downloading content. Ensure sales and MSL teams have access to the most recent versions of approved content to reduce risk
Contract Lifecycle Management
Increase revenue by monitoring contract expiry, warranties, and other key events. A single source of the truth with controlled access to the contract repository. Prevent errors and oversights in the contract authoring and review process


Make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and analyse easily.

Compare Versions

Compare Versions highlights the differences between two versions of a document. Reduce errors by never missing unauthorized changes or edits.

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Paige AI for References

Paige AI makes referencing 10x quicker by reducing time-consuming tasks to manually link references, Paige AI recognizes well-referenced claims, understands the intent of a claim, and suggests potentially relevant references based on previous usage.

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Easily provide feedback by inserting comments on text excerpts or leave comments about content. View all comments on a document using search, sort and filter options. Increase response time by mentioning a team member in a comment.

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Approval submission


During the review process, content requires approval from selected team members. Once feedback is recorded and changes are made, content is ready to be submitted for approval and released. The approval process is streamlined to increase productivity and ensure compliance.

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Share Link

Share Link lets users share content within Papercurve via a unique link that does not require a login and password to view the content. Using Share Link analytics, all engagement like views and downloads are tracked.

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