Hello reviews and approvals.
Meet Papercurve.

The affordable cloud based review tool built for fast-growing life sciences companies.

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"I cannot say enough on how they continue to deliver and ensure we are satisfied and using the service to its full potential"‍

Kim Jensen
Business Unit Director
Fresenius Kabi Canada

"I was amazed at how easy and intuitive Papercurve was to use."‍

Jerome Sneiderman
Director of Marketing
Cardiol Therapeutics

"In our search, we found Papercurve. The entire team agreed it met our needs and we were getting great value for our money."

‍Sue Clement
Senior Director,  Marketing
Saol Therapeutics

"Papercurve is the next gen referencing and reviewing platform that will soon put other traditional reviewing platforms to shame."

Kristel Bermejo
Associate Scientific Director
Integrated Medhealth Communication

How Papercurve Helps

We help teams manage the review process remotely

Keep the compliance review process structured, even when working from home. Send content for approvals all at once or in stages. Set due dates and keep the team informed, all in an easy to use interface.

See in real time who has approved and who is still reviewing content. Let team members act as observers so they can track progress.

A screenshot of the Papercurve UI, showing how easy it is to add reviewers.
An example of comments left by two document reviewers.

Get context with comments and references

Give your reviewers the context to make an informed decision. Leave comments in real-time so feedback is consolidated.

Reference medical claims by linking to external documents. Reviewers have quick access to the evidence to support claims in your content.

Keep compliant records for audit

When you’re audited, you don’t want your book of record to be your email inbox. Papercurve stores a record of who approved each piece of content and when. Each version is automatically stored so you can see what happened over time.

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Learn how Papercurve can streamline your compliance review process and maintain compliant records.

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