Content Authoring

Quickly create any document using customizable editable fields or pre-approved content.

A screen shot of a user adding a reviewer for a given document.

Why Implement Structured Content?

Risk-free document creation using pre-authorized phrases
Effortlessly repurpose previously approved content
Centralize approved content in one location for easy updates and onboarding
A section of text highlighted so that a related comment or reference annotation may be made.

Fill out contracts with editable fields

Reduce the risk of unauthorized changes by distributing agreements that contain selected editable fields.

Use structured content and allow only designated text to be generated.

Repurpose approved content

Speed up content creation by utilizing previously created and approved content in new ways.

A screen shot of a user adding a reviewer for a given document.
An animation  depicting a thread of comments.

Store buildable documents in a central location

Store documents that contain editable fields or structured content in a secure location so they can be reused.

Placeholders automatically detect editable fields

Papercurve detects the location of placeholders enclosed by {{double brackets}} in your document.

See how it works

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An animation  depicting a thread of comments.

Familiar Microsoft Formats that just work

Use existing Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and avoid being locked to vendor formats. Have 100% design control using the tools you use today.

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