Papercurve at the Collision Conference

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Collision Conference

As in-person conferences begin to start back up, we're thrilled to announce another year of Papercurve’s attendance to the Collision Conference held in Toronto. 

Collision, one of the world's largest technology conferences, brings together many of the world's leading tech companies and speakers.

We will be participating as part of Collision’s beta program, which reflects the accelerating growth of our company.

Since our first appearance at Collision in 2019, we have built a fast-growing business and a robust platform. 

Papercurve at Collision 2019

Our mission is to demonstrate that Papercurve is the industry-leading solution for life science companies in their content review cycles. 

Not only are we competitive in pricing and reliability, we also significantly reduce training periods and eliminate the need for a third-party IT company during setup.

Come see us at Booth B3117 on June 23rd! 

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Papercurve since Collision 2019

Since the last time Papercurve participated in the Collision conference, we’ve grown in a major way and evolved into a multi-product company serving life sciences companies. 

Our product portfolio now helps teams create, review and distribute content with features in Contract Lifecycle Management, Sales Enablement and Medical, Legal and Regulatory reviews

Some of our most recent enhancements to the platform include:

References Powered by Paige AI - Our AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make recommendations based on previously created references. Our users can link references 10 times faster than a manual process.

Compare Versions - Clearly displays the modifications made between two document versions. Never miss unauthorized changes made with this feature.

Product Claims Powered by Paige AI - Simplify the product claims book creation process by automating the use of approved claims and provide easy traceability for existing claims.

Share Link - Share any Papercurve content via a unique link;  no login or password needed to access. Receive analytics on who viewed and downloaded your material.

Why choose Papercurve?

Papercurve was created to challenge the status quo in life sciences software. 

Softwares such as Veeva are difficult to use, tedious to implement, and expensive.

Papercurve thrives on its intuitive, cost-efficient, and easy to use platform. 

Our users' time is valuable to us. 

Training and onboarding takes less than 15 minutes.

Using the platform allows you to focus on what is important rather than on time-consuming processes.

Papercurve Partnership Program

As a new initiative, Papercurve has introduced a partnership program. 

At Collision, we are looking to connect with innovative health-care and life sciences companies interested in working with us.

We offer our partners free access to our platform, free training, referral commissions and more. 

Learn about our Partnership program here.

Join us on June 23rd at the Enercare Center, booth B3117!

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We are looking forward to making new connections.