Leveraging AI in your life sciences communications

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As we enter the next era of technological advancement, companies that do not adopt AI into their business practices will fall behind. By automating manual tasks and increasing productivity, AI provides a competitive edge to succeed in the modern marketplace. Furthermore, AI never tires and continually improves through learning, making it an invaluable asset to any business.

Paige, our in-house, client-driven AI solution, is the core component of Papercurve's product suite. Paige AI is already helping clients manage their product claims faster and with greater accuracy. Once Paige is trained with enough data it provides fast and highly accurate suggestions on the precise wording of product claims or where in the scientific literature to find the clinical evidence that supports the product claims being made.

Life science companies need a platform that reduces inefficiencies while remaining simple to use. Teams should not have to switch software platforms as they move from creating content, reviewing it, sharing it across different channels, monitoring business analytics and maintaining an audit history.

“Not just PDFs. Team up on videos, documents in any office format, images, 3D models. Supercharge your content. Collaborate on a new level.”

Let’s review how Papercurve 2.0 can provide the AI assistance and automation tools to unlock your team’s productivity.

Create standard response letters, legal agreements or other documents quickly with compliance and consistency:

Make your content creation easier, more efficient, and more versatile than ever with AI assisted technology. Teams can approve structured content to ensure promotional educational materials are consistent and compliant, that standard response documents are answering patient questions promptly and service agreements or contracts are in line to reduce any exposure to risk.

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Reduce content creation and approval times by 60% with Paige AI

Take your Omnichannel marketing to a new level. Reuse any of your approved Product Claims in promotional material and manage them centrally. Additionally, Paige AI learns which approved Product Claims your team utilizes so that you can quickly create new content, speed up review time, and stay compliant and on message.

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Provide 24/7 support to reduce conversation load and response time

Allow Paige Assist to handle inquiries and requests to reduce conversation load, response time, triage conversations to relevant departments and provide 24/7 support. Paired with our AI capabilities, Paige Assist can resolve problems before they require manual intervention!

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Send content to important stakeholders for quick, efficient reviews

Invite Key Opinion Leaders, Medical Professionals, Agency Reviewers, or Vendors to review and approve content using just their email – no login or additional license required. For contracts, get signatures in seconds by sending a review link. Recipients are not required to deal with managing passwords or login credentials just to provide feedback or a signature.

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Select simple, straightforward pricing to meet your budget and business size

To accommodate for businesses of all sizes and budgets, we've released a simple pricing structure to suit your needs. Enjoy the modern tools of your Papercurve workspace without any hidden fees.

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This is Papercurve 2.0.

Book a discovery call with us for more information about our enhancements to the platform and how we leverage AI to improve efficiency within life science workspaces.