The Essentials of a Successful Service Partnership Program

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“Your Success is Our Success”

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their current business strategy and increase their presence in the marketplace. 

A good strategy for accomplishing this is to establish a partnership program.

What is a Service Partnership Program?

A partnership program is a strategic initiative taken by businesses to entice partners to recommend their services to their clients.

Customers will trust and remain loyal to a company when they are referred by one that they already do business with.

Partnerships are a beneficial tactic to build your reputation in the field, generate positive word-of-mouth and brand awareness.

Partner Benefits

To succeed, there must be an incentive or compensation in place for the partner to willingly refer your company to their clients.

They will help boost your sales, in exchange for you helping them boost theirs.

Marketing materials, free use of your service, rebates, and promotions are a few incentives you might want to provide to partners.

The reward has to be desirable and advantageous to them and their business goals.

Finding the Right Partner

It is important to choose a partner that will yield the results that you are looking for at the end of the program.

It is generally a good idea to approach a business with clients who are comparable to yours so that they can potentially benefit from your service.

It is also crucial that both sides cooperate and play their respective roles.

It goes without saying that selling your product is not their top priority, but they must make the effort to work it into their schedule.

And you must provide the promised benefits.


To ensure each other's success, both parties must invest the same amount of time into the partnership and fulfill their end of the bargain.

From the get go, set objectives of what you want to achieve from the partnership.

Plan out how you will help each other achieve these goals.

Provide your partner with all the proper resources and insights that they need to be able to positively refer your service to others.

Papercurve’s Partner Program

With Papercurve’s partner program, our partners get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited licenses on the platform
  • Partners earn a commission of 15% of the first year revenue for any client they refer to Papercurve
  • Opportunities for marketing to our large database of customers
  • And more!

We want our partners to succeed, as their success is our success.

We seek out partners who have clientele in the life sciences sector, such as health-focused advertising agencies or technology companies that serve this sector.

For instance, marketing agencies who focus on the life sciences industry have the same clients as we do. 

Agencies may have customers looking for a new and intuitive review platform, in which case they could recommend us.

By providing our partners with free access to our services, they can demonstrate its user-friendly and straightforward design to potential prospects.

Their recommendations will be truthful and trust is the foundation of partner programs.

It is a worthwhile journey and investment for everyone involved. 

Apply to be a Papercurve Partner today!