Papercurve's Year in Review: Top Features

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As the year progressed, we continued to improve our platform in order to better meet the needs of our users. We actively listened to their requests, observed their behaviours, and determined what would benefit their overall experience on Papercurve. As we saw a rise in the amount of users, content being uploaded and approvals being made, it was important to ensure that the platform continued to improve in order to provide a faster and more efficient process.

We’d like to share with you our most popular features of the year and how they helped overcome challenges that our users encountered during their review process.

Compare Versions

When a new version of a long document is uploaded, it is often difficult for reviewers to spot changes that have been made throughout the whole document. Searching manually for these edits throughout various pages can be a long and tedious process.

Compare versions presents a visual comparison between two versions of an uploaded document, allowing for the user to isolate the changes in seconds. The feature compares and contrasts both desired documents and highlights all the differences between them. This saves sufficient time as the user does not have to read every page over again to find the edits and it avoids overlooked changes that may have been difficult to spot. 

Paige: AI-Assisted References

The process of manually referencing medical claims on a document can be a repetitive, expensive and time-consuming manual process. Searching for claims in a long reference document every time a reference is required can be frustrating.

To mitigate this task, we created Paige: AI-Assisted References. Paige AI streamlines the process to improve speed and accuracy of references. She recognizes well-referenced claims, understands the intent of the claim, and suggests potentially relevant references based on past usage. Paige AI makes creating references up to 10x quicker.

Electronic Signatures

Adding a signature to a digital document can be a quite complex task. Users may decide to print out the document, physically sign it and then re-upload it to the platform. This wastes a substantial amount of time.  Another time-consuming option would be to export the file to another document editing program such as Adobe Acrobat.

To avoid this hassle, users can sign their document directly on the Papercurve platform in a few easy steps using our electronic signature feature. They have the option to draw, type or upload their signature. An eSignature captures who signed, what they signed, and the intent. 

Attachment Tool

When uploading a document for review, there may be certain documents that can help the reviewer further understand the content. This can be either regulatory approval letters, copy decks or source files. Searching manually for these documents can take an undetermined amount of time, leading to an overall slower approval process.

The Papercurve Attachment tool allows users to attach these files to the current version of content being reviewed in a few simple steps.  Having all related files in one place for simple download and review will speed up and improve the accuracy of the review process.


Leaving comments on content is a very important and useful tool that all users are actively utilizing. However, sometimes comments can be missed by reviewers because they were not aware that the comment was addressed to them. Leaving a generic comment on content may not be the best practice.

To ensure that everyone working on a review team has the right context and is included in the right conversations, we created the mentions feature. It is shown that comments using @ mentions receive a 20x quicker response rate than general comments. When a user is mentioned in a comment, they'll get an email notification. This is an effective approach to direct someone's attention to a certain page, paragraph, or sentence.

Comments Search, Sort & Filter

When there are hundreds of comments on one long document, it can be difficult to locate specific comments and they can easily be neglected. Looking through every comment manually can take hours on end.

As a way to simplify the tedious search for comments, we created Comments Search Sort & Filter. This functionality allows users to sift through dozens of pages of comments and locate a particular comment in just a few seconds. Users can search for comments by keywords, filter by date or person, and sort by page number, status and newest or oldest.


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What’s Next?

We'll be adding new features and continuously expanding the platform throughout the coming year. We are excited to share with you what we have planned. 

Thank you for an amazing year!