How to meet the new Canadian Cannabis Document Retention Regulations

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Most of the buzz about October 17 has largely focused on the legalization of new products like topicals and vaporizers, but there are other changes you should know about.  There are new regulations around document retention for Canadian Cannabis licensed producers. Document retention has 2 parts – keeping every version of specific documents for a period of time, and additional data about each version, such as the dates when it was public. Here is an overview of the rules and how Papercurve is ready to keep you compliant. 

Packaging and labels

Licensed producers in Canada must maintain a copy of each distinct label and package of products made available for sale. In addition, the date in which the product is made available for sale must be recorded. These records must be kept for two years from the last day a product is for sale.


Like packaging and labels, each version of a promotion must be maintained with public release and removal dates. In addition, the type of promotion, description, and cost for each calendar year must be stored for two years. 

How does Papercurve help?

Papercurve stores every version of your content automatically as you upload new versions. In response to the new amendments to the Cannabis Regulations, we have made changes to Papercurve to help clients better maintain compliance. 


Papercurve stores every version of your content automatically as you upload new versions. Storing past versions ensures archived versions are never lost and you will have a complete record when audited.

Screenshot depicting the Papercurve version storage system.


There are often additional data fields that need to be stored, in addition to the content itself. For example, Health Canada requires the dates when content like promotions, labels, and packaging is made available to the public. To do this, we allow you to store these dates for each version of your content. For promotions, there are additional data fields that need to be stored such as the cost of the promotion per calendar year, the type of promotion, and a description. These fields are fully configurable to best meet the needs of your organization. 

Papercurve user interface for storing metadata.

What to do

Make sure you and your regulatory team fully understand the new rules around document retention. Be sure to store all versions of your content. If you want to learn how Papercurve can help you remain compliant, be sure to reach out.