How To Convince Your Manager To Approve A New Work Tool

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If you’re managing a team and feel it’s time you need additional resources - like tools and people - it’s likely that all you’re waiting on is a green light from your manager. And that isn’t an easy approval to get sometimes. If you want to expand your resources but senior leadership is countering the idea, then it’s time to think of a new approach. Luckily, we have you covered.

In this blog post, we explore some of the ways you can plan ahead to create a strong business case to approve new tools, like a review tool, for your team. 

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when trying to convince your boss to approve more resources to support your role.

Be empathetic 

First things first. If you have a lot on the go, chances are so does your manager. It’s important to put yourself in their shoes before going in with a pitch. In this blog post it is recommended that if you can put yourself in your manager’s shoes, then you can create a proposal that addresses their concerns point by point. They include a few factors to consider as well. They are:

  • Can the company afford to hire more people?
  • Is it the right time to bring on new resources?
  • Have all of the hidden costs been explored?
  • Is it better to hire or promote?

With a very new climate for businesses in the post-COVID world, it’s extra important for businesses to be cost-conscious. Having your research prepared and being empathetic towards your manager before you state your case may help you land the approval you need. One reliable tell tale sign is to watch how your employer has actioned a similar request in the past. If they approved the request, they may be likely to do it again. 

Know when to expand your toolkit

Timing is everything. Make sure you time your pitch properly. There are going to be certain instances when expanding your resources will get denied. For example, is the company in a position where they are cash flow positive? Has your team landed important clients? If not, it’s likely not the right time to state your pitch.

You should also avoid asking for additional resources during stressful situations, both for your manager and for your sake as well. Many times, employers onboard new people or new tools because they are in dire need in the wake of a specific moment. With this approach, you risk not having enough work for people or not having enough time to onboard meaningfully. The key to a successful onboard is when it is structured and process-oriented. 

Some digital turn-key solutions make on-boarding simple. Papercurve’s team of experts can help teams get up and running in a matter of weeks and help your team put together a robust training plan for successful on-boarding. If now is the right time, get in touch with an expert to learn more. 

Do your research

Be sure to audit the solutions and alternatives available. If you’re researching a new tool, make sure you assess comparable solutions in the marketplace.

What costs are associated with the tool?

How is this structured?

Are there any on-boarding costs?

Outside of costs, you’ll want to assess features that are available and important to your business as well. If you’re hiring new talent, you may want to consider if you have enough work. It may be worthwhile to put together a roadmap of initiatives this position would support.

Once you piece this together, this will help you form your perfect pitch and give you something to stand behind when your manager asks for the details.

Focus on the benefits

Most often, when we are the ones requesting a new resource, it’s likely because we are the ones feeling the stress of having a particular void. When you’re making a business case, it’s critical to position this away from your personal needs to make it about the business - not about yourself.

Make scale a part of your pitch.

Mention team productivity, process effectiveness or opportunity loss due to placing new work at the bottom of the priority list because of scale.

This may help your senior leaders understand that there’s been a growing need for additional resources over time, rather than this one moment in time.

Ready to convince your manager it’s time for a new promotional content creation and review tool? Get in touch with Papercurve today and we’ll send you materials to help you with your pitch to expand your toolkit.