Ace the Audit: Tracing Documents Back to the Source

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When life science companies have their content audited, Papercurve is there to help. Knowing who approved the document, when it was released, and what evidence was used to back medical claims is key to meeting audit requirements or satisfying inquiries from public health authorities.

Papercurve’s suggested best practice is to assign a job number to each document. Assigning a job number in Papercurve creates traceability to information that an auditor will need, including:

  • Approvals: Papercurve tracks who approved the document, what version they approved and when.
  • References: Papercurve annotates references to medical claims in other documents.
  • Properties: Papercurve stores extra information about the document such as the jurisdiction, audience and expiry date.
  • Attachments: Papercurve stores additional documents such as approvals from public health authorities.

A real world example

You are at a conference and someone from your public health authority picks up a printed brochure from your booth. Later, the public health authority makes an inquiry about that brochure and requires information about the medical claim made on page two.

Do you panic or are you prepared? Papercurve customers simply login and search for the job number on the brochure. They have immediate access to all information on the approvals, references, properties and attachments, including the evidence that supports the medical claim made on page two. This company is prepared to respond quickly and accurately to any inquiry.

Implementing Job Numbers

With Papercurve you can have a job number automatically generated with each project you produce in the format of your choosing, such as “2021-00001”. If you have another system generating this number, you can manually enter it into Papercurve as well. In both cases, you’ll be able to easily look up the history of any document and ace the audit.

Job numbers can be automatically generated on upload

Each document contains extra information including job number, brand, audience, public release and removal date

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