Key Benefits

Reduce risk by leveraging approved text
Maintain control by allowing only editable fields to be modified
Consistent document creation and onboarding by centralizing content in one location
A section of text highlighted so that a related comment or reference annotation may be made.


Distribute contracts with editable fields for recipients to complete. It eliminates the risk of unauthorized contract amendments.

Business Content

Accelerate content creation and maintain consistency when creating documents like forms, proposals and collateral.

A screen shot of a user adding a reviewer for a given document.
An animation  depicting a thread of comments.

Central template repository

Store documents with editable fields in a secure location so they can be reused. Your team will always have access to the latest approved version.

Editable Fields

Papercurve detects the location of placeholders enclosed by {{double brackets}}. Your team can instantly generate a document by filling in the editable fields.

An animation of a person managing multiple versions of a document in one place.
An animation  depicting a thread of comments.

Familiar Microsoft Formats that just work

Use existing Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and avoid being locked to vendor formats. Have 100% design control using the tools you use today.

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