How to painlessly manage reviews from Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leader Reviews are important to the development of products, however, they are not without its challenges. Here we outline the difficulties that are often experienced while conducting a KOL review and how Papercurve can mitigate those difficulties.

Challenges with Key Opinion Leader Reviews

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) reviews are known to be complex and time consuming. KOL review teams can range from as small as three reviewers to more than ten reviewers. These reviewers are geographically dispersed and often function in different time zones, which makes real-time collaboration difficult.

Traditional methods of KOL reviews require emailing documents to every reviewer and receiving individual feedback within the body of the email and/or an attachment. Results are inconsistent and lead to the following challenges:

  • There is little collaboration between KOLs who do not review each other's comments and often provide contradictory feedback
  • Feedback is difficult to implement as it comes from multiple source documents and email chains, which can lead to issues with version control
  • The required system of email instructions, reminders, and follow ups is cumbersome to implement and track
  • KOLs sometimes forget to formally approve the document.  

Due to the challenges of traditional KOL reviews, the efficiency of projects that require them are reduced.  

This is where Papercurve comes in.

Enter Papercurve

Papercurve is a collaborative platform that streamlines the creation, review, and sharing of content for life sciences.

It provides a shared workspace for collaborative review of documents in addition to multiple tools that streamline the creation and sharing process.

The client is able to share their document to their customized team of KOL reviewers and have the process shared and documented in one space.

Results of KOL reviews using Papercurve

After using Papercurve for KOL reviews, there have been many improvements over the traditional system:

  • KOLs were more likely to collaborate with each other, reviewing and responding to each other's comments, and provided less contradictory feedback
  • Feedback was easier to implement with all comments downloaded on a single PDF; this also supported better version control
  • KOL activity could be easily tracked but required less effort due to the automated notifications provided by the platform
  • KOLs seemed to enjoy the process as it supported their interaction and approval status was highly visible on the dashboard

During this process, Papercurve has also implemented new features in response to behaviors observed during KOL reviews.

Previously, 50% of KOLs would leave their comments but forget to submit their approval. Therefore, we implemented a more visible indicator that approval is required, and that reduced the non-approval rate by 50%.

Furthermore, some KOLs are simply too busy to create a new account with a password and then log in, therefore Papercurve has implemented a Review Link feature that allows for review, comment, and approval without the need to log in.

Review Links

In response to KOL review behaviors and client feedback, Review Links was implemented as a method to share content to reviewers without requiring a log-in. This enables the incorporation of reviewers that are only participating in the review of one project and reduces the time it takes for them to start providing feedback and approval on content.

Moreover, with review links, activity and engagement can be tracked by the client so they can be notified when comments are made for easy follow up.

Papercurve is a flexible platform that can be used for content creation, review, and sharing.

For more information on how our platform can improve your content collaboration, feel free to schedule a discovery call with us!