How Papercurve improves document traceability by 77%

A Papercurve user who works in compliance discovered that many of their team's documents had either missing or incorrectly formatted job IDs. Here's how Papercurve solved their issue:

3 Key Results:

  1. Improved the accuracy of correctly formatted Job IDs by 77%
  2. Eliminated all instances of misformatted Job IDs
  3. Increased Job ID utilization among teams

User Challenge:

A Papercurve user working in compliance at a leading healthcare company, noticed many of his team’s documents had misformatted job IDs or lacked them altogether. 

This made it difficult to ensure traceability and address audit concerns.

As a result, this user identified a need to ensure consistency across all new documents. 

The goal was to develop a standardized approach or desired format to naming Job IDs for their organization across all documents.

Papercurve Solution:

The user reached out to our customer success team for a solution, and they quickly addressed his needs. 

That is when Auto-Generated Job IDs were implemented.

The feature automatically assigns job IDs to documents in line with the team’s desired format, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring consistency with organizational standards.

The Result:

The implementation of automated job IDs in their documents left the user thoroughly impressed with the accuracy and consistency of the job IDs throughout their document repository.

After the feature was released, it improved their manual process by 77% and left no misformatted Job IDs.

By implementing Auto-Generated Job IDs, our platform was able to address a workflow issue for our user and improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of their internal processes. 

We remain committed to prioritizing our customers' feedback and continue delivering them tailored solutions that meet their needs.

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