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Manage your brand globally and
maintain local compliance

Many of today’s cannabis companies are expanding rapidly into new regions and countries with different regulatory regimes. This means different packaging, labels and promotions for each product in each jurisdiction.

Papercurve allows for flexible content reviews completed in tiered approval groups. Content can be reviewed and approved locally before it is sent for a final review to the head office which monitors brand consistency. This keeps the head office aware of when and what regional content is getting approved so they do a timely review and make sure it meets brand guidelines.

An animation of a cannabis cultivation facility.
An animation illustrating how versions of cannabis product labels must be retained.


Starting October 17, 2019, there are new regulations for Canadian cannabis producers to retain every version of promotions, labels, and packaging for 2 years. Papercurve automatically retains all versions of your content automatically. Other regulatory data such as the date content was made public or removed from public view can be stored so that you retain everything you need when audited.

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