Papercurve Company Profile: MedComms Solutions

Welcome to the Papercurve Spotlight series, where we dig into who our customers and partners are and what they are up to. This article highlights one of our partner agencies, MedComms Solutions Inc.

Medical communications is an integral part of the Pharma industry, but agencies often have to rely on unavailable or unreliable freelancers to complete their writing projects. Unfortunately, this leads to inconsistent results and unhappy Pharma clients. That’s where MedComms Solutions comes in.

MedComms Solutions Inc. creates medical communication materials on behalf of agencies who serve Pharma companies. The team produces a wide range of deliverables, including advisory board reports, continued education materials, and science-backed articles. MedComms’ writing projects span a wide range of therapeutic areas, often requiring bilingual capabilities. Agencies can access MedComms’ pool of talented writers on an ad hoc basis. This eliminates the need for businesses to rely on hiring multiple individual contractors with limited availability and varying standards. Using this model, MedComms handles the training and management of writers allowing for consistent, high-standard output.

In 2018, Sophie Ash was working as a successful freelance writer for numerous medical communications agencies in the US and Canada. Sophie developed a strong reputation with clients and gained no end of invaluable industry experience. This constant high demand led Sophie to begin hiring contract writers at the end of 2019, expanding into an agency - MedComms Solutions.

Around this time, Sam Sibalis was finishing his MBA and looking for an opportunity to start or grow a new company. He noticed that other communications agencies lacked specialized, well-trained medical writers, and were instead putting their time and energy into developing tech platforms or hosting stakeholder meetings.

Sam and Sophie decided to join forces, combining their industry experience and business acumen to expand the agency: “We saw an opportunity together that nobody else was doing.” Sam joined MedComms Solutions as a partner in 2020: a huge turning point for the company. Sam’s strategic input and guidance allowed MedComms to grow quickly and intentionally.

Above all else, MedComms takes pride in their focus on the clients’ needs: “A major business goal for us is to serve our clients,” shares Sam. “We build long-term relationships where we get to know their needs and how to make their lives easier. This way, they can come to us with a project and trust us to do it right, instead of having to jump from one person to the next, which can lead to inconsistent results,” Sophie adds.

Throughout 2020, MedComms carved out a niche for themselves in the advisory board meeting report space. Unlike freelance medical writers, who take any and every type of medical writing project that comes their way to make a living, MedComms hires and trains writers specifically for their competency in producing impactful meeting reports. “Our writers know exactly how to convert audio files or transcripts into insightful reports, and that’s all they do, every day,” explains Sam. “Finding someone who has plenty of availability and can write with proper narrative flow, using sophisticated, professional language can be tough, but that's exactly what we offer.”

The hiring process is another aspect of the company that Sam and Sophie hold to a high standard. When Sam became a partner in 2020, his almost militaristic approach to business helped standardize hiring in an effort to weed out substandard writers and strengthen the company’s brand. This has allowed MedComms Solutions to streamline its offerings and operations to ensure their clients receive the best possible experience when working with them.

Importantly, the agency understands that each of their writers have a unique learning style. To maximize their team’s productivity and job satisfaction, Sophie requires new writers to complete an onboarding survey to facilitate a personalized management approach: “We ask our writers how they prefer to receive feedback and use their responses to deliver feedback in a preferred format - everyone learns differently.”

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, MedComms has seen a shift towards digital in every sense. What used to be day-long stakeholder engagement events have now become shorter, virtual meetings. Continuing education now takes the form of webinars or scripted videos. Companies are investing heavily in technology platforms to engage with key opinion leaders and position themselves at the forefront of the healthcare industry. Pharma marketing efforts now have added complexity with the increased need to incorporate the pandemic into patient journeys.

Born during the unprecedented year of 2020, MedComms has confidently navigated this heightened virtual landscape while continuing to produce meaningful work. The company sees their adaptability as one of their biggest assets: “While other agencies were playing catch-up and shifting to become more digitized during the pandemic, we were way ahead and we’re proud of that,” says Sam.

MedComms Solutions Inc. is avaliable to take on new clients in need of advisory board meeting reports for Pharma companies. Contact Sophie or Sam at to set up a meeting to discuss your project needs.

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