Paige: AI-Assisted References

Link references faster with Paige, we are streamlining the process to improve speed and accuracy of references.

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What is Paige?

Paige is our artificial intelligence engine that recognizes substantiated and well referenced claims, understands the intent of a claim, and suggests relevant references based on user history.

Our AI collects user data from only your workspace and is protected by a security firewall.
With enhanced measures of accuracy, we leave text-match solutions in the dust.
Papercurve gives your team one source of the truth with powerful and intuitive version control and provides context by linking related files.

How Paige Works


To activate Paige, the user must first highlight the section that they would like to reference in their document.


The excerpt will be sent through our Natural Language Processing engine that will truly understand the intent of the text.


Paige will provide the user with a maximum of three reference suggestions based on their relevancy.


The user can quickly choose the reference and link it to the selected text.

Easy Setup

Reference recommendations work automatically based on previous user behavior. You can say goodbye to database maintenance and excel approval uploads. It just works.


Learn how Papercurve can streamline your compliance approval process and maintain compliant records.