The Business Case for Papercurve

Our business case aims to provide a framework for evaluating direct and hidden costs in your current content review process and how Papercurve can reduce those costs by up to 80%

What Problems Does Papercurve Solve?

Regulated industries that operate in multiple jurisdictions are looking to re-use content to reduce cost and maintain brand consistency. Marketing and Medical Affairs executives are therefore under a lot of pressure to manage intricate compliance approval processes while providing concrete ROI numbers that justify their marketing and communications investments.

Papercurve is a software solution designed to streamline regulatory approvals and provide marketing executives with more efficient and effective work processes. Companies that implement Papercurve will notice substantial improvements due to the replacement of manual, uncoordinated and unstructured email approval processes.

Building the business case for your organization

Companies have a common goal: grow faster while maintaining compliance. Papercurve helps companies achieve this in the following ways:

1. Productivity tools that increase the accuracy and therefore speed of complex content reviews
2. Lower setup and ongoing training costs
3. Reduced content creation time
4. Training, tracking and ongoing support of your MSLs and sales reps is fast and included in the licence fee
5. Increased security and compliance with reduced preparation time for audits.

return on investment

Direct savings to the company are based on the reduction in time employees and vendors spend managing content and preparing for audits. Based on our research, companies that move to Papercurve and leverage its suite of productivity tools can expect to see up to an 80% reduction in direct costs.

Small: $80,000 to $160,000 in savings annually
Medium: $160,000 to $320,000 in savings annually
Large: $320,000 to $800,000+ in savings annually

Indirect or hidden costs also have an impact on company savings, particularly for geographically dispersed teams. Download our business case below to read about the 4 main ways that Papercurve helps to mitigate those costs.

Download our Business Case here!

"We wanted to find a tool to help hold the team accountable to review structure and timelines. Most importantly, we searched for something that met our promotional review needs that was also cost-effective. In our search, we found Papercurve."
— Sue Clement, Senior Director, Marketing
Saol Therapeutics