Papercurve for Life Sciences

Bring structure to your approvals

Papercurve offers a flexible solution that optimizes your multi-stage or concurrent medical legal regulatory review process. Set due date and add reviewers as needed in the process. Teams can have iterative reviews as the content is edited and refined before adding legal or regulatory for final reviews. Stakeholders can have observer status to have visibility on key content and deadlines through the approval process without being required to review and approve.

Give context with references

For every claim in a promotional piece that needs to be supported by a reference, Papercurve lets you easily create annotations to supporting documents. This works great for referencing product monographs, white papers and more.

Control your content

Give your internal teams access to content once it’s approved. Maintain separate content libraries for MSLs, sales reps or by country. Set different permission controls so that only the right people see the right content.

An animation depicting a group of scientists collaborating.


Learn how Papercurve can streamline your compliance approval process and maintain compliant records.