Papercurve Commercial Operations for the Life Sciences

A Papercurve user who works in commercial operations for life sciences discovered that many of their team's documents had either missing or incorrect product information and did not have a way to track their outgoing communication. Here's how Papercurve solved their issue.

3 Key Results:

  1. 40% Boost in Workflow Efficiency -  Moving from 5 softwares to 1
  2. Consistency Across Materials
  3. Enhanced client communication

User Challenge:

A Papercurve user working in commercial operations at a leading healthcare company, noticed an increase in errors in product information when sending out product notices to their customers and had no ability to track engagement of the product notices they would send.

The challenges arose in ensuring accuracy, streamlining the creation and approval of product notices, and obtaining insights into customer engagement with their content.

As a result, this user identified a need to ensure consistency across all new documents and track outgoing communication.  

The goal was to develop a standardized approach to input product information into product notice templates or other content types for their organization and have the ability to send those same documents to their customers without ever leaving the Papercurve platform. 

Papercurve Solution:

The user reached out to our customer success team for a solution, and they quickly addressed her needs. 

That is when Structured Content Properties and Papercurve CRM Verified Email were implemented.

Structured Content Properties auto-populates product information into templated documents in line with the team’s desired format, eliminating the need for manual input and ensuring consistency with organizational standards. 

Papercurve CRM Verified Email allows you to compose, send, and track emails directly from the platform. You can create professional emails with ease, including the product notices, which eliminates the need to switch between different applications for email communication.

The Result:

The implementation of Structured Content Properties and Papercurve CRM Verified Email left the user thoroughly impressed with the accuracy and consistency of the product information throughout their document repository and the ability to gain insight into how their customers interact with their communication.

After the feature was released, it improved their manual process by 40% and left no errors in product information within their documents.

By implementing these two features, our platform was able to address a workflow issue for our user and improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of their internal processes. 

We remain committed to prioritizing our customers' feedback and continue delivering them tailored solutions that meet their needs.

Schedule a discovery call to learn more about Structured Content Properties and Papercurve CRM Verified Email  and how they can help your team.