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Compliance reviews made easy

With all your comments, references and past versions in one place, your team can manage compliance reviews wherever they are.

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"In our search, we found Papercurve. The entire team agreed it met our needs and we were getting great value for our money."

Sue Clement
Senior Director,  Marketing
Saol Therapeutics

"Having the ability to streamline the review and approval process is critical for keeping projects moving forward."

Tamara Carvalho
Account Supervisor
NFA Health

Papercurve IN 90 Seconds

Honestly, is this the best way to manage compliance reviews?

Managing your review process over email or using clunky enterprise software is not working.

Are you managing your review process from your email inbox?

  • Version control problems
  • No visibility into review status
  • No audit record
An animation showing a person managing the review process through email.
An animation of two people getting confused while trying to use  other enterprise solutions.

Enterprise systems like Promomats are difficult to use take months to configure.

  • Hard to use interface causes poor adoption
  • Third-party IT company takes months to set up your installation
  • Referencing medical claims is slow and cumbersome

There's a better way to do it

Papercurve keeps everyone on the same page. Comment in real-time, show who still needs to review, and easily reference medical claims, all in a secure cloud platform. Here’s how it works.


Upload your content and reference medical claims 

If your content makes medical claims, simply highlight the text and link it to attached documents. This gives reviewers better context to make an informed decision.

Animation of a reference annotation.
Screenshot of a user adding reviewers for a document.

Set a due date and ask your reviewers to approve

Set a due date and add the people who need to review your content.


Get on the same page with comments

As questions, make decisions and seek clarity with comments. Feedback is updated in real time, so your team is always responding to the latest version.

Animation depicting a comments thread.
An animation depicting a person managing their company's documents digitally.

Release approved content once everyone approved

Once everyone has approved, release your content to a library. Libraries can have access restricted by each user to ensure only the right people have access.


Store records for audit

Keep a detailed audit log of everyone’s approvals and store all past versions of your content.

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Learn how Papercurve can streamline your compliance review process and maintain compliant records.

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Download the compliance handbook and get the 7 best practices to improve your compliance review process for life sciences content.

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